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What to see in Malta

What to see in

No. I definitely didn’t think I used to be getting to love it that much again. it had been the penultimate year of university once we chose Malta as our end-of-year trip. At that point, Malta was another country, but in particular, I used to be another Sergio. and therefore the truth is that I do not know who has changed the foremost, but seeing us again has been a true pleasure. then I would like to convey it during this post about what to ascertain in Malta.

Seeing Popeye’s Village, one among the must-see sites in Malta

Before starting with this list of “tourist shopping”, i might wish to highlight that, despite its size, Malta features a lot to supply . And it’s that this island stranded within the middle of the Mediterranean, barely exceeds 300 square kilometers in size and, nevertheless, it’s almost something to ascertain in every kilometer. the great news is that, with these dimensions, it’ll not be difficult for you to travel it during a few days, especially if you progress by rental car (remember that they drive on the right).

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Car on the road to Victoria Street in Senglea, one among the Three Cities of Malta
You can get to almost every place by bus, but twiddling my thumbs if this is often getting to be your method of transport: the frequency of some buses is exasperating. regardless of how you progress, don’t stop doing it and check out to form the foremost of your days in these parts. That said, here are my recommendations on what to ascertain in Malta.

Gondolas within the port of Valletta (Malta)


How could it’s otherwise, the capital of Malta is, without a doubt, one among its great jewels. to the present day, I couldn’t assure you that it’s the foremost beautiful city, but, of course, it had been one among those that inspired me the foremost with the camera. That continuous seesaw of streets that appear to travel nowhere …

… the massive number of churches that it concentrates (special mention to the co-cathedral of Sant John) …

Main hall of the Co-Cathedral of Sant John (Saint John) in Valletta (Malta)
… which sense of well-preserved history makes Valletta one among the must-see places in Malta. By the way, for logistical reasons, the capital is one among the simplest places to remain , although the typical price per night is high.

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Palazzo Parisio on Merkanti Street in Valletta (Malta)
Three Cities – The three cities
Right ahead of Valletta, there are three little known but very photogenic cities that are expecting your visit.

Senglea Harbor, one among the Three Cities of Malta
Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua are three small settlements in Malta with tons of history in their streets, where walking aimlessly may be a proven pleasure.

Strolling the streets of Birgu, one among the Three Cities of Malta
In the oldest and most engaging of them, Birgu (the victorious city), there’s also the Fort of San Ángel , also visited and with much interest.

Fort Saint Angel in Birgu, one among the Three Cities of Malta


If we continue with the ranking of cities that has got to be seen in Malta, without a doubt, Mdina occupies a prominent position. Outstanding.

In the Bastion square of Mdina (Malta9
The ancient capital of Malta, known today as “The City of Silence”, has remained anchored in time for several centuries, so touring it’s absolutely irresistible.

Streets of Mdina, Malta’s “city of silence”
Although you’re getting to enjoy it at any time of day, don’t miss the chance to require an evening view : you’re getting to fall crazy .

Night illumination of the cathedral of Mdina (Malta)
“Wall with wall” with the aforementioned is Rabat , another city of excellent appearance although somewhat eclipsed by the undaunted great thing about the one that surrounds it.

Strolling down the road of Sant Paul, Rabat (Malta)
Rabat is particularly known for its catacombs , like Sant Paul, but don’t leave without trying the sweets within the church square . it’ll be worth all of the euros that you simply leave there.

Ordering at Parruccan Patisserie in Rabat (Malta)
Although Malta’s most populous city isn’t a display of beauty, Mosta is home to “La Rotunda”, one among the foremost beautiful religious buildings that you simply will see in and around Malta . Many buses pass this manner , so plow ahead and obtain off and take a few of photos.

Night illumination of the Rotunda of Mosta (Malta)

Sliema and Saint Julian

Go ahead, for me, they’re not places with much tourist interest, but the truth is that there are many that enjoy the big range of leisure and party in these towns . an honest place to eat, have a drink, leave for a short time and sleep, whether you’re trying to find something cheap or luxury hotels.

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Sunset over Spinola Bay, in Sant Julián (Malta)
I leave the large “cities” now to require you to the foremost portrayed fishing village in Malta . Its life facing the ocean , its multicolored boats (Luzzus) and its Sunday market, make this town within the southeast of the island a really interesting stop.

In the fishing village of Marsaxlokk (Malta)

Coastal places to ascertain in Malta
Although you would possibly already imagine it, Malta isn’t a rustic where inland nature has much to mention. Its warm climate, the absence of mountains and rivers and its almost desert appearance don’t make it very attractive during this sense. Now, if we approach the coast of Malta, we are getting to find quite one and quite two category landscapes.

View of Malta from a Ryanair plane
Sant Peter’s Pool
Very on the brink of the town of Marsaxlokk you’ll come face to face with St. Peter’s Pool, a powerful natural pool where you’ll close up the summer heat. Of course, ditch bathing when the ocean isn’t completely calm because it are often very dangerous.

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Sant Peter’s Pool natural pool, very on the brink of Marsaxlokk (Malta)
Blue Grotto – The Blue Grotto
On an equivalent southern Maltese coast, a couple of kilometers from “Pedro’s pool”, is Blue Grotto, one among the foremost tourist destinations within the Maltese country. On board a ship (8 euros, about 15 minutes) you’ll visit a number of the wonderful natural formations that the ocean has made therein area . By the way, access there by busit’s a pain within the neck it’s not a simple task, so if you do not have a car, I encourage you to require a tour.

Marsaxlokk and Blue Grotto Tour

Tourist boats in Malta’s Blue Grotto
Malta Beaches
In case you thought otherwise, Malta is by no means a rustic with great beaches. Although it’s possible to require a shower within the sea in several parts of the island, the rock abounds within the coastal area, therefore the traditional sandy beach isn’t easy to seek out . But there are, there are. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Paradise Bay, Mellieha Bay, Ghadira Bay and Golden Bay are the names of a number of the foremost popular ones .

Golden Bay is one among the simplest beaches in Malta
Popeye’s village
And now we are getting to one among the foremost curious places in Malta: Popeye’s village. Behind this postcard setting is that this amusement park honoring the foremost famous sailor .

Dressed up as Popepe at Malta’s Popeye’s Village amusement park
This little town was created because the setting for the movie about Popeye starring Robbin Williams within the 80s. Entering the park costs 14.50 euros and it’s nothing to write down home about, so if you’re not an excessive amount of of a lover or don’t accompany children, i like to recommend that you simply watch it from the surface and leave. The view is worthwhile .

Views from the doorway to the Popeye amusement park , Popeye’s Village, in Malta
Other Maltese islands to go to
Did you recognize that Malta isn’t just the name of an island but of an archipelago? And it’s that additionally to the island of Malta, within the same archipelago there are other islands, two of which you ought to not miss: Gozo and Comino.

Traveling by boat to the island of Comino (Malta)

Gozo Island
By size (67 sq km), Gozo is that the second most vital island within the Maltese archipelago and undoubtedly one among the places to ascertain .

In the stone salt flats of Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)
Victoria, Marsalforn, Xlendi, Mdzhar, Rambla Bay … are a number of the standard tourist stops on the island of Gozo, but there’s more. Although it’s not a really extensive place, if you progress by public bus it’ll be impossible for you to go to them in at some point , so i like to recommend , yes or yes, to urge some sort of private transport or to rent a tour to “enjoy” it to the fullest.

Gozo island tour

Going to the citadel of Victoria on the island of Gozo (Malta)
Comino Island
I leave for last place what’s probably one among the foremost spectacular places in Malta : the island of Comino.

Views of the island of Comino from above (Malta)
Few corners of this archipelago come as on the brink of the concept of paradise as Comino and its famous “Blue Lagoon” do. This islet is barely 4 square kilometers, but its beauty is sufficiently contrasted to incorporate it on your route.

Comino Island Tour

Tourist boats visiting the island of Comino (Malta)
Itineraries for a visit to Malta
With everything you’ll see in Malta explained, now i might wish to assist you organize your trip with some itinerary ideas consistent with the time you’ve got .

A weekend in Malta

If you escape to Malta for 2 or three days, specialise in visiting its most beautiful cities, Valletta and Mdina, visit a number of its most famous coastal corners like Marsaxlokk and Blue Grotto, and make a getaway to the island of Comino.

A couple strolls along Valletta Waterfront, the port of Malta’s capital
What to ascertain in Malta in five days.
If you manage to flee to Malta during a brief holiday or long weekend, include a visit to the Three Cities and each day to the island of Gozo within the previous itinerary.


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