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Ljubljana and Ptuj, Autostuck

4. Ljubljana and Ptuj

Backpacker hitchhiking on the border between Slovenia and Hungary
(06-06-12) Thanks, once more, to overflowing Slovenian hospitality, the camera setback might be resolved in one morning. Thanks once more to overflowing Slovenian hospitality, we were ready to hitchhike out of Ljubljana.

Guga, the mother of an athlete and insurance salesperson, was our driver. Unfortunately, days in Slovenia also are 24 hours long and by the time we realized it had been too late to undertake to succeed in Hungary.. Anke, a funny German teacher temporarily based in Ptuj (eastern Slovenia), had to be used.

Slovenia, Ptuj, residential neighborhood

We contacted her through Couchsurfing. After seven we received his house, where we shared a pleasing dinner with Anke and Bianka, his neighbor, and where we were ready to boast our culinary ignorance.

Slovenia, Ptuj, Anke’s house, a couchsurfing

Hitchhiking Slovenia – Hungary
(06-07-12) After spending the night in Anke’s comfortable attic, we took advantage of a transfer from our hostess to a town near the Hungarian border. We had to urge to the highway and Sebastian was getting to lookout folks, a sort of Slovenian Roof Breaker who, in his eagerness to assist us, caught Sergio’s hand with the door (there was no got to regret greater evils) and shortly after he left us at the gasoline station with the smallest amount traffic within the entire country. Although we realized this after spending two hours within the sun. Our appearance must are so pitiful that the local authorities asked us for the documentation. We were within the wolf’s mouth and that we needed a miracle to urge out of there.

Slovenia-Hungary, -highway

The miracle would happen within the sort of a Romanian marriage. Recently, Adrián and Amalia, of Romanian nationality but living in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), began their trip to Romania from Spain, where they’re going to marry on Dominion Day. After a couple of days on the road, at the last gasoline station in one among the foremost unknown countries in Europe, they found three outrageous backpackers on the ground of a station. That couple to travel from carrying the car filled with luggage and with the marriage suits within the back seat, would do everything possible to urge those backpackers and their backpacks out of there. I mean, they did the impossible to urge us out of there. Coincidentally, they passed near Budapest on his thanks to Romania. within the back seat of the vehicle, we had a journey as pleasant because it was surreal, carrying our backpacks on our legs and on our legs the, until then, immaculate bridal gown. They left us on the outskirts of Budapest …

Train station on the outskirts of Budapest. A traveler waits.

… not without first providing us with some Actimeles. In exchange, we could only give them a contact phone number, a measure of Mary of Pilar, and an area on our blog. From here, we wish you a cheerful wedding. Finally and unfortunately, we had left Slovenia. Finally, because our route must continue if we would like to urge to the Euro on time. Unfortunately, because Slovenia is a powerful country, as are its locals. If you encounter a Slovenian on the road, they’re going to smile at you and greet you kindly. If you ask him for an address, he’ll print you a map. If he doesn’t speak your language and your languages are only alike therein they both call on the carpet, he will do everything he can to know you and cause you to understand him, albeit for this he has got to draw something during a notebook.

The last hurdle to unravel was to urge to the middle of Budapest from the outskirts. But during a comfortable and free? vicinity dropped us off within the Budapest . From the “African Room” of a pleasant hostel we wrote this post.

Hungary, -Budapest- (night)

Something tells me that tomorrow we’ll spend another day here, regaining our strength.


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