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11 things to do in Cadiz province

11 things to do in Cadiz province
11 things to do in Cadiz province

Are you thinking of taking a trip to the south and wish to know what to see and perform in Cadiz province? Well, do not miss this post due to the fact that I inform you which are my favorite towns, the activities, the gastronomy and the places that you can not miss out on. 15 strategies to do in Cádiz province for all tastes and ages. Shall we start?

11 things to do in Cadiz province

I could go on noting all his qualities without getting tired, constantly wanting more; finer, more prawns, more cante. Of more light and more smell of the sea, of that fresh and cheerful Cadiz accent, of its delights and that affable character.

However as assured is a financial obligation,. I leave you with 15 strategies to do in Cádiz province in a week. You can do them by selecting Cadiz city, Jérez de la Frontera, or Sanlúcar de Barrameda as your base, as I have actually done during these days when I have actually participated in the #andaluciadespierta campaign. You can likewise do a journey and move from one town to another to get the most out of these 15 strategies to do in Cadiz.

1. Sanlucar de Barrameda and the first round the world:

The very first drop in this article is Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a town soaked in history, chamomile, tradition, and flamenco. Here the well-known Sanlúcar horse races are organized every year on the very long beaches of Cadiz, an occasion of worldwide tourist interest.

In addition, Sanlúcar de Barrameda is a designation of origin in itself. Yes, this is where the well-known chamomile is produced, which has dominated half the world. Manzanilla could likewise be called Sanlúcar de Barrameda red wine considering that it is in this town where this unique and particular wine is produced and made.

As if that were not enough, Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the place where Magellan together with Juan Sebastián Elcano set out to perform an important turning point in the history of Humanity: the preliminary the world, which is on its anniversary. This 2020 marks the 5th centenary of that preliminary the world, back in 1520, so envision all the history that this town in Cadiz hides.

Did you understand, for instance, that Magellan left with 250 team members under his charge, divided into five ships? And that Magellan never ever returned to Spain because he passed away in the islands that we understand today as the Philippines? It was Elcano who, together with 18 other men and a single caravel, managed, after 3 years of travel, to return to Spain loaded with the coveted spices. The remainder of the ships were deserting, getting lost, or making water en route. The first deserted when they attempted to cross America by the Río de la Plata and realized the mistake. Another was lost in the Philippines, another drip, and so on.

If you opt for your eyes wide open, you will be able to find commemorative plaques with the names and places of origin of those 18 guys who managed, after much effort, to take what was the very first trip all over the world in history.

2. The Donana National Park:

One of the expeditions that I delighted in the most throughout this last getaway with #Andaluciadespierta was the see to the Doñana National Park. It was quite a surprise to discover the variety of ecosystems that Doñana keeps. In just one hour we went from an enormous beach to the dunes, from there to the marshes, the veras and lastly the forest.

And it is that Doñana is the terrific lung of Europe. The stop of all migratory birds on their method from Africa to our continent. In Doñana you will find flamingos, bee-eaters, hoopoe, and birds of prey, such as the eagle or the kite, which if you are fortunate, you can observe from afar.

And, although in reality, the Dnnana National Park lies in the province of Huelva, in the municipality of Almonte, you can access it from Sanlúcar de Barrameda. You just have to cross the Guadalquivir river with the barge. This leaves every few minutes and crosses you from one side to the other for a EUR 8 big salami.

3. The Treasure trove salt flats:

Another thing to do in Cadiz province is to pedal along the Treasure trove salt flats. These lie a short-range from Sanlúcar de Barrameda and are the ideal place to observe a wide variety of birds, including flamingos.

They are active salt flats that run parallel to the Guadalquivir River. They become part of the history of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, from the time when the Medina-Sidonia family handled the production and distribution of salt throughout the area.

And, obviously, they are the ideal location to observe all the migratory birds that choose to take a break along the way in this unlimited landscape. Depending on the time of year, you can see flamingos, avocets, gray herons, and even ospreys.

4. Escape to Chipiona:

Another thing to do in Cádiz province is a getaway to Chipiona, a lovely coastal town with long beaches and beautiful sunsets. It sure sounds familiar, since it is the town where Rocío Jurado was born.

My recommendation is to walk by the beach Rule and beach cross the sea to end up the afternoon at the lighthouse Chipiona, the greatest in Spain. From its 69 meters high you can delight in a lovely panoramic view of the Cadiz coast.

And if you desire more, you can go to the Castle, the Sanctuary of Regla, and get lost in its historical center, with a stop for some wines and tapas.

5. Jerez de la Frontera:

Another of the #andaluciadespierta destinations has actually been the town of Jerez de la Frontera, famous for its fine red wines, its flamenco roots, and its deep-rooted equestrian culture. But beyond red wine, flamenco, and horses, this Cadiz town has a lot to provide.

My suggestion is that you start with a free trip to Jerez. Not only is it free, however, but you can also likewise visit the Plaza del Arenal, the Alcazar, the Cathedral, the stately homes, and the palaces. You will visit the Plaza de la Asunción, the Plaza Plateros, the long street, and the Gallo Azul structure. You will likewise pass by the Mercado de Abastos, the Church of San Miguel, or the train station. And all this with a guide who will discuss the history of this essential Cadiz city with its curiosities, the most essential information and stories, completely free!

6. Check out a winery and taste the red wines of the location:

Cádiz is a land of wineries and gewurztraminers. In the triangle drawn Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María produced the fine, the manzanilla, the cut sticks, the amontillado and oloroso. All under the protection of the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry classification of origin.

Undoubtedly you have actually heard of wineries like the well-known Tío Pepe. For this reason, among the important things to do in Cádiz is to go to a winery and do a red wine tasting, so that you can find out to compare a fino and manzanilla, an amontillado or a Palo cut. If you do not get it, surely at least you come out happier.

In our case, we go to the Barbadillo wineries, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, founded in the early 19th century by Benigno Barbadillo and his cousin Ortigüela. As I informed you, the chamomile of Sanlúcar is produced here, one of the symbols of the town of Cadiz. In fact, the production of chamomile is one of the primary financial engines in the location.

7. The route of the white villages of Cadiz:

Not whatever in Cádiz are wines, horses, flamenco, or coastal towns. Cádiz also has a mountain range and there you will find another of the important things to do in Cádiz province: a route through the so-called white towns. There is an overall of 19 towns spread throughout the Sierra de Cádiz. They receive this name for their exteriors painted with lime to push back the heat of the hot summer days.

It is a path to do by cars and truck, in one day or several. The perfect is to go calmly, driving through the winding roads of the method and dropping in the little white towns that you stumble upon. You can do it from Cádiz city, from Sánlucar, from Jerez or from Puerto de Santa María and, if you attempt, you can go to Ronda. Overall there has to do with 150-200km that can be covered in about 3 hours that, with stops, will take you the whole day.

8. Seize the day to visit Ronda:

Actually, Ronda does not come from the province of Cádiz, but to Malaga, but if you go early, you can take the opportunity to finish the path of the white villages in Ronda. And is that Ronda is not only one of the most gorgeous towns in Malaga but in all of Andalusia.

In my case, we seized the day to finish the path of the white villages in Ronda, where we spent the night, to find that they were at the fair. It was my first Andalusian fair and it was a total plan. If you are not as lucky and it does not accompany the reasonable, do not worry, in Ronda, there is a lot to visit.

My recommendation is that you check out the enforcing Puente Nuevo de Ronda, the Plaza de la Duquesa de Parcent, the Puerta de Almodovar, and the walls. You can also check out the Felipe V gate and the Old Bridge. Ah! And do not forget the Coño viewpoint, if only for the name.

9. Get lost in Cadiz city and feel in Havana:

Ais Cádiz, I think I wouldn’t mind residing in this city for a while. I love its narrow streets, its clear light, the magnificent exteriors of its houses, with those large verandas. I love that decadent air, of worn wood, saltpeter, winds, and its own stories. I enjoy getting lost in its narrow streets, heading out again and again to the sea that surrounds it. I love its tapas, the life of its streets, enjoying the sunset from La Caleta. Observe the terraces and the girls on them. Clothing hanging, fluttering in the wind. The Cadiz accent, that smell of the sea.

10. Walkthrough Puerto de Santa Maria:

Right beside Cadiz, we discover Puerto de Santa María, a seaside town that, in its day, was an essential port for trade with America. Today it receives a good number of tourists in the summertime season and it is not surprising. From the walkthrough of its port to the Castillo de San Marcos, Puerto de Santa María has attractions that are well worth a see.

11. Discover Vejer de la Frontera:

Another of the magical towns of Cádiz is Vejer de la Frontera. There is no better strategy to do in Cádiz province than to get lost in its labyrinthine old town, named Historic-Artistic Site.

You can visit it on this free trip to Vejer de la Frontera. You will be able to go to the terrific huge legacy of this lovely white town, contemplate the façade of the Church of the Divine Savior, stroll along its walls, visit its medieval castle, Calle de la Corredera and, even, watch out over a common old-fashioned patio area. And the best, totally complimentary.


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